Brighton Pier takeover

Fri 8 Sep • 16:00 – 22:00

Brighton Palace Pier
City Centre

Organised by:
  • British Science Association
  • Suitable for: All ages

    Experience science on the seafront as researchers, artists and entertainers amaze thrill-seekers at the iconic seaside attraction. From pop-up experiments and games to interactive installations and cabaret acts, there will be something for everyone at our pier extravaganza.

    Access to Brighton Palace Pier is always free, but to celebrate the British Science Festival coming to the Pier, wristbands for unlimited rides will be £7! Get them on the night.

    Madam Natalie’s booth
    Can Madame Natalie predict what kind of sexual experiences you’ve been having? See if her questionnaire gives the right answer, but don’t give away your secret! 

    How scary do you find fairground rides?
    How does being scared affect memory? Find out how riding fear inducing fairground attractions affects your ability to detect attention to detail. 

    What goes up must come down 
    We stay grounded thanks to gravity. Using state of the art gravity sensing technology, experience and get to grips with the phenomenon in new ways while riding the infamous, drop-in-your-stomach inducing Brighton Pier Crazy Mouse roller coaster. 

    Explore the wonders of the night sky with Brighton Astro and their array of telescopes. Whether you are captivated by constellations or curious about the cosmos come along to observe the beauty of the night sky in striking detail. Please note, this event is weather dependent.

    Blast that plaque!
    Atherosclerosis is the root cause of many strokes and heart attacks. Discover the new lab techniques used to detect the fatty build-ups and try your hand at destroying them in the ‘AtheroBlaster’ arcade game!

    Stall Catchers: an Alzheimer’s game
    Contribute to and help speed up real Alzheimer’s research by catching ‘stalls’, clusters of white blood cells that block blood flow in the brain, in this interactive game.

    Antimatter matters
    The universe as we know it is made almost entirely of matter, so what is antimatter? Learn about the properties of the elusive antimatter, the experiments being performed to study it and how it appears in everyday life.

    Journey of Discovery Trail
    Why not take the Journey of Discovery Trail with BBC Focus Magazine? It’ll take you from the dark heart of a black hole to a tube of toothpaste revealing a host of fascinating science along the way. Just find the boards, grab a quiz sheet and off you go! 

    Event booking has closed for 2017. We hope you enjoyed the Festival. Join us next year!

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