Distortions in Spacetime: Friday

Fri 14 Sep • Multiple timeslots

Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull

Organised by:
  • Manchester Science Festival, part of Science Museum Group
  • Suitable for: 16+

    Experience what it’s like to step inside a black hole with a brand-new immersive artwork from audiovisual pioneers Marshmallow Laser Feast.

    The new work Distortions in Space timethe first chapter in a new body of work titled The Scale of Thingswill turn participants into particle clouds on a giant screen and give them the sense of being squashed, stretched and spaghettified as they are affected by gravitational waves.

    As audience members explore and interact with the environment they will be rewarded with opportunities to see particle jets whipped up, view gravitational lensing, pass through the photon sphere and as they move towards the singularity, things start to get weird…

    This event will take place from 11.00-19.20, but you must book your 10 minute entry slot below. Please note that you will need to arrive 5 minutes before the start time of your booked slot, to ensure that you are ready to enter the exhibition. The experience will begin at the exact start time of your booked slot, therefore you will not be permitted entry if you are late.

    Please note that this exhibition contains flashing lights and may cause disorientation.

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