Rebuild Brighton: an infrastructure game

Sat 9 Sep • 13:00 – 15:00

Brighton City Centre • exact location to be announced
City Centre

Organised by:
  • University of Sussex
  • Suitable for: 16+

    In a post-apocalyptic Brighton, following environmental disaster, critical infrastructure is destroyed. Using maps and clues left by the city planners a handful of survivors set out to find what is still standing and what can be rebuilt. Survivors desperately need energy, water and communications. But resources are scarce. Can all the survivors come to an agreement on what infrastructure is needed the most?

    Three groups will start at a different location and will focus on a specific type of infrastructure: energy, water and communications. Please book tickets for one group only:

    Tickets for energy group
    Tickets for water group
    Tickets for communications group

    Participants will be given a map, instructions and clues to follow 1 type of infrastructure and to learn about the infrastructure needs of the city in terms of that specific infrastructure. Clues will be based on historic and current infrastructure and can include physical infrastructure assets, as well as scientific facts.

    Event booking has closed for 2017. We hope you enjoyed the Festival. Join us next year!

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