The Lanes after dark

Tue 5 Sep • 18:00 – 23:00

The Lanes
City Centre

Organised by:
  • British Science Association
  • Suitable for: 18+

    Not your average science-in-a-pub event. We’re taking over the notorious drinkeries in The Lanes to bring you an evening of exploration and entertainment to show you that when the sun sets, science comes alive. So choose your tipple and join the bar hop in this celebration of curiosity!

    Participating venues:

    • The Mesmerist
    • Bohemia
    • East Street Tap
    • Lucky Voice
    • Seven Stars
    • The Bath Arms
    • Marwood Bar and Coffee House
    • The Cricketers


    The Mesmerist
    A musical encounter of the robotic kind
    Sarah Angliss and Stephen Hiscock use theremin, robotics, waterphone and more to create their uncanny, otherworldly musical spectacular. Come and experience “music possessed of an eerie instability, a highly atmospheric and compelling listen” (The Wire magazine).

    Hack the senses
    Investigate the associations between our sense of smell and perception of colour. Reconstruct yourself in a VR out-of-body experience, and explore visualisations of the ways in which works of art affect us.

    Hypnosis: all in the mind
    In this interactive talk, Peter Naish explores the latest research findings concerning the nature of hypnosis, explaining how the brain achieves some of the seemingly odd hypnotic effects.
    Talks at 18.30 and 20.00

    The post-antibiotic apocalypse
    Antibiotic resistance could kill 10 million people by 2050. Join the team behind the Longitude Prize, run by Nesta, for an intimate live reading of sci-fi writers’ stories imagining what an infectious future could look like if we fail to act now.
    Readings in the Late Lounge upstairs at 19.30 and 20.30

    East Street Tap
    Quizzical quantum
    Ever wanted to manipulate a single atom, detect the faintest of electromagnetic signals, or operate a quantum computer? The Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies presents a hands-on investigation to explore the ‘spooky’ world of the quantum.

    Wine and gold: a recipe for detection
    Gold isn’t just something pretty to look at, it has many practical uses including detecting genetic diseases. Delve into the surprising world of this fascinating metal and find out how to produce nanoparticles of gold from acids, such as those found in wine.

    Lucky Voice
    It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it
    The mere sound of your voice carries clues about your personality and social environment. Explore how we use and adapt our voice in social communication, find out how these features evolved and learn to dictate how others perceive you in this series of drop in experiments.

    The Seven Stars
    Haptic rules foosball
    Use the latest in haptic gaming technology to interfere with your opponents players in this tactile twist on the classic pub game, foosball. With this added layer of complexity, who will reign the most valuable player?

    Haptic arcade
    Feel the lasers in a retro space shooter game or try to grab and guess the invisible shapes in a ‘haptic challenge’. This is your chance to truly touch the once untouchable!

    Defying gravity
    Levitation isn’t just a paranormal fantasy, there’s a real science behind it. Try your hand at small-scale levitation and explore the technology that one day could make large objects float freely.

    The Bath Arms
    Arctic smellscapes
    Follow your nose and immerse yourself in an interactive Arctic smellscape exhibit featuring a smorgasbord of Arctic scents. Learn about the Northern environment and its people and explore the unfolding stories connecting Brighton to the Arctic while you create your own smellscape to take home.

    Marwood Bar & Coffee House
    A heart rate sensor’s journey
    Can we measure heart rate, even through clothing? Come and find out how a new class of sensing technology is making this possible. Learn about the evolution of a technology from an idea to a prototype and finally to a commercial heart rate monitor.

    A sense of safety
    In this demonstration, discover how the latest sensor technology can help improve vehicle and passenger safety and provide efficient and enjoyable journeys.

    Graphite circuit boards
    Grab a pencil and have a go at designing your very own graphite circuit board. Will it be able to light a bulb?

    How good are you at beach volleyball?
    Test your beach volleyball abilites using advanced motion tracking technology and challenge your friends to see who reigns the winner. Improve your techniques by getting to grips with the finer details on what makes a true beach volleyball champ.

    The Cricketers
    Curious gaming
    Think you have what it takes to stop climate change? Want to uncover the mysteries of the stone age? Try your hand at the cutting edge of informative board gaming and unlock your inner researcher.


    Event booking has closed for 2017. We hope you enjoyed the Festival. Join us next year!

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