The AI Revolution: hopes, fears and opportunities

Thu 13 Sep • 17:00 – 18:00

Auditorium • Middleton Hall

Organised by:
  • British Science Association
  • Suitable for: 16+

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) can often sound more like science fiction than reality, and yet most of us use it daily without even thinking about it, whether it’s virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa or the powerful algorithms used by Facebook or Google. The transformative opportunities that will be brought about by AI are staggering and there is no doubt they will soon play a vital role in all walks of life, from healthcare, to the motor industry and financial services. But despite its potential, many people are becoming increasingly nervous about what they see as unchecked progress. For example, there are valid concerns about the wide implementation of AI leading to an increase in inequality. Jim Al-Khalili, incoming President of the British Science Association, will argue that the wider debate about the implications of AI must catch up with its technological progress and that we need to put transparency and ethics at the heart of AI development. After all, it is not AI itself that should worry us, but rather the humans who control it. AI is going to transform our lives in the coming decades; let’s make sure we’re ready for it.

    This event will be BSL-interpreted.

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