The Sci Street

Sat 9 Sep • 11:00 – 16:30

New Road
City Centre

Organised by:
  • British Science Association
  • Suitable for: All ages

    Witness the transformation of New Road from High Street to Sci Street! Drop by to experience an array of stalls, activities and general scientific merriment. 

    Mobile Heritage Lab
    The Mobile Heritage Laboratory brings Heritage Science directly to you. Immerse yourself in the research behind the preservation of priceless artefacts and find out about the work that goes into looking after awe inspiring museum rarities.  

    Bug off! Mozzie Buzz
    All aboard the bus dedicated to the insect everybody loves to hate! Test how attractive you are to mosquitoes, speak to a travel health nurse about your next holiday, get up close with some creepy crawlies, learn about how mozzies find you and how to be #BugBodyReady.

    Giant drawing machines
    Made from familiar materials, contraptions that include fantastical spirographs and giant pantographs demonstrate the magic of maths and mechanics in an extraordinary way.  

    Brain games
    Put your brain to the test! Join Cardiff University’s neuroscience team and challenge yourself to get your head around an array of fun brain-themed activities. 

    Getting psychological 
    Brain-machine interfaces are not a thing of science fiction, they could soon be reality. Explore the current developments in the enigmatic field as well as that of criminal identification and get to grips with the cutting edge-equipment being combined with psychological models to study these exciting areas.

    Smelling into the future
    Can we interact with technology with our noses? Come and get hands on with immersive virtual reality and a state-of-the-art driving simulation, both enhanced through the sense of smell. 

    Antimatter matters
    The universe as we know it is made almost entirely of ‘matter’, so what is ‘antimatter’? Take this opportunity to learn about the properties of the elusive antimatter, the experiments being performed to study it and how it appears in everyday life.  

    Event booking has closed for 2017. We hope you enjoyed the Festival. Join us next year!

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