The British Science Festival will close with a full-length screening of Atomos followed by a Q&A with multi award-winning choreographer and director Wayne McGregor. In Atomos, bodies, movement, film, sound and light are atomised into miniature shards of intense sensation. Taking creative points of departure from atomised film, music and biometric data, McGregor’s choreography is … Continued

Jurassic Park: could it happen?

Jurassic Park brought dinosaurs to roaring, stomping life using the latest CGI technology, revolutionising the film industry and setting a new baseline for how we imagine dinosaurs to look and behave. Join us for a special screening of Jurassic Park interrupted by our panel of palaeontologists. Discuss the science behind the film and find out … Continued

Psycho: shaping mental health narratives?

The 1960s were a period of intense struggles over knowledge about the human mind, with psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts in deep conflict. It was also a period in which cinema became preoccupied with psychological ideas and the Hitchcock classic Psycho was part of this generation. Join us for a special screening of the film and … Continued

A one-way ticket to Mars

An exclusive screening of the new feature film Seat 25 which chronicles a woman’s decision whether to, after winning a seat on the first human mission to Mars, leave all she knows and embark on the one-way trip. There will be an opportunity to meet the people behind the film and discuss how science is … Continued

When beliefs become facts

How do otherwise logically minded people end up believing in unfounded and often implausible ideologies? Join us for a screening and discussion of ‘Right Between Your Ears’, a documentary that explores the process of how beliefs are turned into certainties and taken for the truth.