Is Brexit an opportunity for sustainable food production in the UK?

What does Brexit mean for agriculture in the UK, and what are its potential impacts on food security and the environment? Join leading figures from politics and academia to discuss how the Brexit process could contribute to conservation, human health and well-being in these times of political and economic uncertainty. Panellists: Dave Goulson, Professor of … Continued

What’s next for the car?

Change is afoot in the automobile industry driven by technological innovation and increasing pressure to improve safety and reduce the environmental impact of vehicles. From driverless cars to clean engines, imagine the car of the future at this interdisciplinary panel discussion. This event is supported by Ricardo.

Trust me, I’m an artist: displaying resistance

Explore the ethical issues that arise when art meets science and examine the consequences of artistic projects that nudge up against the newly possible. Can and should artist Anna Dumitriu exhibit fragments of DNA that cause antibiotic resistance in infectious diseases? What are the risks associated and who should be accountable? Join the debate. Presenting: … Continued

Jurassic Park: could it happen?

Jurassic Park brought dinosaurs to roaring, stomping life using the latest CGI technology, revolutionising the film industry and setting a new baseline for how we imagine dinosaurs to look and behave. Join us for a special screening of Jurassic Park interrupted by our panel of palaeontologists. Discuss the science behind the film and find out … Continued

Drawing on science

Broadcast journalist, Alex Fitch will be discussing the presentation of science in comics and graphic novels with comic creators, Daniel Locke, Sally Kindberg and Alex Frith, and ecologist, Chris Sandom. From 17.30, book a place onto the the workshop to create your own cosmos inspired comic.

Reimagining aliens

We have long been fascinated with aliens and the idea of life beyond our planet. How have these lifeforms been represented in science fiction, either on screen or in video games, and do they have any basis in scientific reality? Join broadcaster and film buff Adam Rutherford and game designers Emma Smith and Alistair Hope to discuss how the … Continued

Psycho: shaping mental health narratives?

The 1960s were a period of intense struggles over knowledge about the human mind, with psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts in deep conflict. It was also a period in which cinema became preoccupied with psychological ideas and the Hitchcock classic Psycho was part of this generation. Join us for a special screening of the film and … Continued

Huxley Debate: is human enhancement a human right?

With booming progress in genetics, artificial intelligence and body enhancement, the concept of ‘transhumanism’ is becoming less like sci-fi and more like something we need to plan for. The term, coined by Julian Huxley 60 years ago, now takes on new meaning. How far can our current ways of thinking extend into these quickly-evolving technologies? … Continued

DIY biology

Community labs, engaged online groups, affordable equipment and open access resources are providing new opportunities for people to participate in scientific research outside of traditional settings. Discuss the exciting prospects for increased cross-discipline collaboration, artistic experimentation and original research by those outside of universities and industry and debate the ethical issues and risks of biohacking … Continued

While you were sleeping: the ethics of sleep monitoring

From wearable devices to monitors that fit into your pillow, an increasing number of us are using personal sleep trackers to understand and improve our sleep patterns. But who can access this data and should we take responsibility for eliminating sleepless nights? Join an interdisciplinary panel to discuss the ethics of capturing, manipulating and sharing … Continued