Energy estuary

Chaired by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership, join a panel of industry leaders and experts as they discuss how the growth of the Humber’s clean energy industry will benefit more than just the environment. What opportunities will an energy regeneration bring to you and the area you live in? Chair: Kishor Tailor  is the Chief … Continued

The robot will see you now

As technology in healthcare develops, is there a risk of losing the ‘human-touch’? Hear from leading scientists and clinicians about the opportunities and threats of future technology in healthcare and laboratory medicine. Speakers: Kate Gould, Consultant Microbiologist, Newcastle Laboratories Darren Treanor, Consultant Pathologist, Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology Carolina Wählby, Professor of Quantitative Microscopy, Uppsala Universitet … Continued

Fear of childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth are an exceptionally vulnerable time for a woman’s mental health. Anxieties are normal, but sometimes extreme pathological fear can take hold and affect daily functioning.  This panel discusses research on tokophobia – the fear of childbirth – and supporting women post-partum. Speakers: Catriona Jones, Registered Midwife, a Lecturer in Midwifery, and a Senior Research … Continued

Imaging a bright future for cancer care

Medical imaging has enabled a new arsenal for detecting and treating life-threatening diseases. Novel 3D visualisation technology, developed by Hull researchers, is improving the care of patients undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. Join the experts to find out how this will impact how we care for those with such diseases. Speakers: Andy Beavis Craig Moore … Continued

Strange sounds from space

The film Alien may have told you: “In space no one can hear you scream”, but it was wrong – space is full of sound. Become immersed in a cosmic-inspired compilation from The Short Film Festival’s SSFX: the anthology film. Hear about the project from those involved and how independent filmmakers were challenged to create short films … Continued

Migration and the first Britons

What does it really mean to be ‘British’? Migration is a hot topic, yet passage in and out of Britain has been occurring for centuries. Join leading experts to discuss recent advancements in understanding our ancient ancestors and ask if we can trace our origins back to those who first migrated into the country. Chair: … Continued

Finding truth: is science enough?

Science helps us stay informed and make decisions about things like climate change and vaccinations. But in a ‘post-truth’ era of ‘alternative facts’, is scientific ‘fact’ facing its limitations? Join a panel of experts to discuss whether evidence alone is enough, or if emotions and worldviews have a more significant role in our ability to … Continued

The Exorcist

Upon its release in 1973, The Exorcist provoked an outcry about the psychological influence of film. Meanwhile, medical journals reported and sought to scientifically explain numerous cases of ‘possession’ triggered by the film. Join us for a special screening and panel discussion exploring this cult masterpiece, its psychological influence and the ‘pleasure’ of fear. Speakers Lucy … Continued

The Huxley Debate: what do we do about ocean plastics?

Over the last 12 months, the UK has seen a dramatic shift in public opinion and interest over our consumption of plastics. Plastic was seen as a wonder material in the 1950s but we are now waking up to its problems. The UK is reliant on cheap, throwaway plastic packaging, and the durability of the … Continued