Being young in the age of perfection

We are bombarded with messages about physical standards of ‘perfection’. Pressures to conform can lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as excessive gym use and dieting, use of unnecessary supplements and misuse of illicit drugs. Take part in the conversation and discover how education, regulation and culture can contribute to supporting vulnerable young people.

A one-way ticket to Mars

An exclusive screening of the new feature film Seat 25 which chronicles a woman’s decision whether to, after winning a seat on the first human mission to Mars, leave all she knows and embark on the one-way trip. There will be an opportunity to meet the people behind the film and discuss how science is … Continued

The prospect of immortality

Cryonics – the process of freezing a human body after death in the hope that scientific advances might one day restore life. Fifty years after the concept’s birth, photographer Murray Ballard embarked on an extensive photographic investigation of the practice. Join Murray as he reveals the fascinating, obscure world and partake in a Q&A with … Continued

Crowd psychology – don’t panic!

The 2002 Brighton Beach Fat Boy Slim party attracted up to 250,000 people and chaos unfolded, causing the event to go down in crowd safety management folklore. Join social behaviour experts to explore the psychology of crowds and learn why it is most of all important to not panic.

Improving the quality of life for people with dementia

Dementia is one of the greatest societal challenges we face. From astrophysicists using theories on galaxy discovery to help GPs spot people at risk of dementia, through to PARO, a robotic baby seal designed to help those with it, we will explore what living well with dementia looks like and how society and services can contribute. 

Personalising medicine for children

Personalised medicine has been hailed as the answer to disease, but is access to its benefits achievable for all children, from both high and low socioeconomic countries? This panel brings together experts and the public to explore whether the science supports implementing the key changes to medical treatment it would require. This event is supported … Continued

Sugar is the new fat

Public health officials say that British people eat too much sugar and have started work to reduce our intakes. Is this justified? Will they be able to change people’s diets? Discuss with our panel of nutritionists, sensory scientists, psychologists and an angry chef.

When beliefs become facts

How do otherwise logically minded people end up believing in unfounded and often implausible ideologies? Join us for a screening and discussion of ‘Right Between Your Ears’, a documentary that explores the process of how beliefs are turned into certainties and taken for the truth.

Rewilding the Weald: wolves in Wivelsfield?

How wild can we go? Come along to find out what rewilding is, and whether it’s right for Sussex. Hear local experts’ opinions and have your say as part of a dynamic conversation with live illustrated commentary of the debate by local artists and designers.

Understanding the voices in your head

Everyone hears a voice in their head: their own inner speech. But some people hear voices from elsewhere when no-one is speaking. This can be distressing and associated with psychosis, or a positive and spiritual experience. What are these experiences like, and what can psychology and neuroscience tell us about them?