Discover a new kind of live electronic music. Algorave is an international movement where dance music is made from algorithms created live by (human) musicians. Join some of the leading lights of the scene and become immersed in the rave as live projections allow you to see how music is built up from the code. … Continued

Born to sum

Folk mathematician and 2016 FameLab winner, Kyle Evans and his trusty guitar take you on a comedic musical tour through some unexpected parallels between maths and pop culture.  Book a ticket to guarantee a seat, but you are also able to drop in on the night!

Doctor Jiggs Bowson’s Charming Science Friends

Dr Jiggs Bowson is the most glamorous scientist in Britain [citation needed]. She resides somewhere between the worlds of scientific research, vintage glamour and end-of-the-pier naughtiness, a.k.a Brighton. She warmly invites you to enjoy one of her extravagant shows of science talent, bringing together a unique cabaret of comedy, drag & rudeness. Expect giggles, flirting, … Continued

Weighing almost nothing

A humorous exploration of one one artist’s hapless attempts to fathom the link between weightlessness and romance. The audience are invited to participate in a variety of home-brew live gravity experiments in a show including live music, comedy and even some actual science. Book a ticket to guarantee a seat, but you are also able … Continued

Orchestra hero: performer

Have you always wanted to conduct or play in an orchestra? Now you don’t need to be a violin virtuoso, or even read music. Take part in a genuine symphony orchestra rehearsal and performance using Syncphonia, a new networked notation system that will keep musical novices in time. You are booking a space to join … Continued

Much ado about nothing

Our bodies are constantly revealing our thoughts and behaviour through the smallest micromovements, even when we are supposedly ‘doing nothing’. Physiologist and non-verbal communications expert Harry Witchel will show how motion capture can reveal our emotions as well as our actions – with a bit of help from improv artist Andrew Clover and the audience.

The eulogy of Toby Peach

Join Toby Peach as he enters the (not so) exclusive Cancer Club; sample chemotherapy cocktails, select the perfect funeral playlist and marvel at Willy Wonka’s life-saving stem cell machine. From diagnosis to remission, relapse and treatment, experience a young man’s journey with cancer in this honest, fascinating and inspiring exploration of modern science and the … Continued

The Solar System as a musical instrument 

Nearly 400 years ago, Kepler discovered the laws of planetary motion by exploring harmony in the Solar System, changing science forever and launching modern astronomy. Kelly Snook will guide you through Kepler’s harmonies, allowing the audience to become immersed in space using augmented reality and innovative data gloves.

The Mathematikado

The Mathematikado, produced and performed by female students in 1886, parodied Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado to argue that women could master college-level maths. Find out how female students of math and science responded to social critique of their participation in traditionally male fields of study. Speakers: Dr Andrew Fiss and Dr Laura Kasson-Fiss (Michigan … Continued