Are you having fun yet?

What is fun? How is it distinct from happiness or pleasure? How do we know when we are having it? Ben Fincham provides an entertaining account of this often taken-for-granted phenomenon.

Are pesticides killing bees?

Bee populations are in decline. Neonicotinoid pesticides have been implicated in harming the health of these important pollinators, causing international debate about their usage. Could neonicotinoids wipe out bees, or is the pesticide vital for food security? Discover the latest research on this hot topic from chemical ecologist Falko Drijfhout.

The Life Scientific with Jim Al-Khalili

Jim Al-Khalili talks to solar researcher, Professor Lucie Green about what motivates and inspires her for BBC Radio 4’s, The Life Scientific. Discover what it’s like operating instruments on board space missions to the centre of our solar system and why, from time to time, the sun emits huge solar belches.

Finding Earth’s fauna 

We have barely scratched the surface of understanding the diversity of animal life on Earth. There are many reasons for this, including our own biases and the deceiving appearances of certain creatures. Ross Piper addresses these issues and proposes why we are in a new golden age of discovery.

Do drinking guidelines make sense?

Advice on our alcohol consumption can be confusing and hard to follow. Keeping track of how much we drink can help us to spot when we are overdoing it, but what exactly is a unit and how many can you consume each week? Improve your understanding of current guidelines with Richard de Visser, and get … Continued

British Airways i360: pod flight with chief engineer

Get a new perspective on Brighton from the world’s tallest moving observation tower. Join British Airways i360 chief engineer and director John Roberts for a guided tour of the construction exhibition, a short talk and a hosted flight on the futuristic glass viewing pod. British Airways i360 opened on Brighton seafront in summer 2016. It … Continued

Much ado about nothing

Our bodies are constantly revealing our thoughts and behaviour through the smallest micromovements, even when we are supposedly ‘doing nothing’. Physiologist and non-verbal communications expert Harry Witchel will show how motion capture can reveal our emotions as well as our actions – with a bit of help from improv artist Andrew Clover and the audience.

The poetry of science

Biology meets balladry, physics encounters pentameter and chemistry confronts cadence, as science communicator and poet Sam Illingworth performs poems inspired by the beautiful and important scientific research done on a daily basis, all across the world. Join us for a diverse display of rhyme, rhythm and reason, which celebrates the creative similarities between science and the performing … Continued

Out Thinkers

Out Thinkers serves to showcase the talent of LGBT+ researchers, providing a platform where people can talk about their scientific work while truly being themselves. This Out Thinkers event will feature a range of phenomenal speakers talking about their research and experiences as LGBT+ individuals in academia.

Making storytime memorable

Why do children like to hear the same stories again and again? Are bedtime stories special? Is curling up with an eBook as comforting as a traditional paperback? Discuss these questions and more with scientists and story creators at this lively event packed with interactive demonstrations and practical tips.