Let the right AI in

Delve into one of the biggest topics in society today: is the machine better? This talk will explore the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the home and how it can process our language. How will AI change over time as our language evolves? Speakers: David Benoit Nina Dethlefs

Pain – the long and the short of it

Pain is the body’s alarm system. What happens when the alarm system breaks? Come along and find out what new science is telling us about how we help people for whom pain will last a lifetime.

Unlocking the secrets of the canine mind

In this delightfully doggy event, discover the experimental techniques scientists use to gain insights into canine cognition and find out how man’s best friend really thinks. Warning: This event will include cute dogs. Speakers: David George, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Hull Anna Wilkinson, Reader in the School of Life Sciences, University of Lincoln Paul … Continued

Out Thinkers

Out Thinkers showcases the talent of LGBT+ researchers, providing a platform where people can talk about their scientific work while truly being themselves. Speakers: Mike Cox Claire Davies James Claverely 

Fu*k up nights

Eureka! The universal sound of a successful science experiment. But how often to scientists actually get to say that? Is a more common phrase, “Fu*k!”? Join scientists on this celebration of failure – what happens in science when things go horribly wrong? Organised by: British Science Association Hull branch

A wine drinkers guide to geology 

Wine producers emphasise terroir – the soil and climate – of a region as a key influence in a wine’s quality. Is this accurate or is it just good publicity? Find out how much the geology of an area truly affects the taste of the final product with Jennifer Huggett.  

Attraction explained: how to seduce and why we love

In this talk Viren Swami, the leading expert on the psychology of romantic attraction, will reveal how geography, appearance and personality affect who we fall for and why. Stay for the evening and put your new knowledge to the test in a slow dating experience, a new take on speed dating – we are going … Continued

Discover glassblowing

Try your hand at blowing glass in this interactive talk led by the scientific glassblower and artist, Julia Malle. You will discover the history and intricacies of the ancient craft that dates back to 16th Century.

Women and the climate change revolution

How can the arts and science collaborate to widen public interest in climate change? Follow the journey of Layla Hendow and Natalie Lee, two young curators who will explore how women – as artists and scientists – can make an impact on the climate change revolution.  

Inspiring women into science

Aged 11, Anne-Marie Imafidon was the youngest girl ever to pass A-level computing.  Since then she has helped inspire the next generation of women into STEM roles and co-founded the Stemettes.  Anne-Marie will explain why she believes science is for everyone and share her experiences. There will be a drinks reception following this event.