Modern slavery in the UK

Have you ever considered how your strawberries get from the farm to the fridge? Modern slavery is rife and often in plain sight. From car washes to nail salons, how do we identify and break the chain of labour exploitation? Meet Cristina Talens who is working with businesses to spot modern slavery in their supply … Continued

Trafficking culture

Political conflict has meant that looting and trafficking of antiquities has become more prevalent than ever, especially in the culturally rich Middle East. Donna Yates discusses the recent revelations about the role of western brokers and buyers in these networks and importantly, how they can be traced and stopped. Speaker: Donna Yates is a Lecturer … Continued

Defining weight in a Parisian vault

Since 1889, the kilogram has been defined by a platinum and iridium cylinder held in the depths of a Paris vault. Society is intrinsically dependent on the accuracy of this measurement. However, it has been losing weight and this year will be redefined using 21st century physics. Join Stuart Davidson as he discusses this historic … Continued

Under and over the radar: a modern view

The security of shipping has enormous implications for peaceful trade and combat situations when you want to remain inconspicuous. Colin Wright shares his latest mathematical research on the use of radar in marine safety.

Volcanoes and air pollution

Many people in the UK remember the chaos which ensued after the 2010 volcanic eruption in Iceland. Missed a flight because of it? Find out how volcanic plumes can affect more than just our travel plans. Having ventured across the world to places such as Hawaii and Antarctica, volcanologist Evgenia Ilyinskaya will share her latest research on … Continued

Can scrap metal save the planet?

We know that carbon dioxide is a major cause of climate change, but what’s being done about it? Join Alison Parkin’s as she reveals the novel techniques she’s using to combat this environmental crisis. Hear how scrap metal, sea water and solar-generated electricity can be used to turn carbon dioxide into the mineral dawsonite, a natural … Continued

From lab to farmyard: genome editing our livestock

Genome editing is famous for its potential to treat human disease, but lesser known is its potential to increase global food security. UK scientists are leaders in the field of genome edited farm animals. Christine Tait-Burkard examines its potential to improve farm animal health and welfare, while Vesco Paskalev raises some uncomfortable questions about ethics, … Continued

NHS and the British Red Cross: 70 years of volunteering

In 1948, the NHS took control of key medical services that had been established by the British Red Cross in the First World War and interwar years. From equipment and welfare advice to skin camouflage, Rosemary Wall highlights the British Red Cross’ contributions to the NHS and how it continues to act as an essential … Continued

A Unifying Theory of Gay

For decades science has been asking questions like “what makes gay people gay?”. Now scientist, lesbian, and comedian Cerys Bradley wants to ask a question back: scientists, why are you so obsessed with us? AUToG presents a history of research on the LGBTQ+ community and debunks the myths science created. This event is taking place … Continued

Why the world needs a Vagina Museum

There is a penis museum, but no vagina equivalent. There’s only one way to change that: build one. Join Florence Schechter, the founder of the Vagina Museum, as she talks about why we need one, her experience researching vaginas and vulvas and the wonderful and strange reactions she’s received since the project began.  After, why … Continued