Join The Conversation

Take part in a live science newsroom with The Conversation, an independent news and commentary website produced by academics and journalists. Contribute ideas for Festival coverage and help to decide which stories should feature on Friday’s site as you experience the editorial process first hand. Discuss the current state of science journalism and get tips … Continued

Visions of the Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s most powerful particle smasher, recreating conditions similar to those that existed in our universe shortly after the Big Bang. Join physicist Antonella De Santo, artist duo Semiconductor and humanities researcher Beatrice Fazi for a conversation on LHC science, art and philosophy.

What can the past tell us about energy consumption today?

Rebecca Wright asks what lessons can be learnt from the Mass Observation Archive, a huge database that records everyday life in Britain. Explore whether knowledge of previous energy practices could provide novel solutions for managing energy consumption in the future.

Redefining resilience

Being resilient isn’t about coping alone with a ‘stiff upper lip’. Rather being strong in the face of adversity involves accessing and using support. And sometimes it involves changing your socks not ‘pulling them up’. Whether you are facing change and uncertainty or striving for a better work-life balance, explore what it means to be … Continued

Orchestra hero

Have you always wanted to conduct or play in an orchestra? Now you don’t need to be a violin virtuoso, or even read music. Take part in a genuine symphony orchestra rehearsal and performance using Syncphonia, a new networked notation system that will keep musical novices in time. There are limited spaces to join the … Continued

Crowds, riots and contagious behaviour

Does panic really ripple through a crowd? Why is laughter infectious? And how can we explain the spread of violence and aggression at riots? Explore the concept of contagion with social psychologist John Drury and get involved in interactive experiments that reveal how emotions, ideas and behaviour through crowds.

Risk and uncertainty in breast cancer treatment

For most women, being diagnosed with breast cancer causes significant emotional stress. The pressure of making important decisions about treatments, which often come with distressing side effects, can increase anxiety. Dame Lesley Fallowfield discusses her research into the psychological impact of breast cancer and shows how doctors can minimise stress by improving communication around risk … Continued

Does the UK need a body farm?

Body farms are outdoor laboratories where donated human cadavers are used for scientific experiments. Join Anna Williams, one of the country’s leading forensic anthropologists, as she explains how they help solve crimes and outlines the case for and against the need for one in the UK.

What is consciousness?

Psychologists have long tried to understand consciousness. To this day, distinguishing how conscious you are, what you are conscious of and the specific experience of being you, is difficult. Anil Seth will explore the new research which is allowing a deeper understanding of these central aspects of our humanity.

Get in tune with your inner engineer

How do you crowdsource an engineering project? Join Danielle George to find out how you can collaborate with astrophysicists to help us better understand the dawn of time. Be inspired, enthused and ready to go out and inspire the next generation of engineers. This event is supported by Ricardo.