When life takes your breath away

If you could barely breathe, how would it affect your life? Millions in the UK suffer with daily breathlessness. Explore Ann Hutchinson’s concept of ‘Breathing space’ – a cutting-edge framework developed to improve the everyday lives for those with the symptom.

On thin ice: the polar plastic problem

Antarctica is often seen as an untouched frozen wilderness, but beneath the ice lies a different story. With concerns over plastic pollution at an all-time high, Cath Waller delves into the scale of the problem at the south pole and crucially, what can be done about it.

Is it ‘game over’ for dementia?

Contribute to the largest dementia study in history with Jason Hayhurst, who will show you how virtual reality and augmented reality games can be used to improve the quality of life for those suffering with dementia. How will we approach the future design challenges of these live-saving games? Speaker: Jason Hayhurst, Lecturer in Digital Media, … Continued

Trauma and resilience in the Hull blitz

During World War II, Hull was the second most blitzed city in Britain. How much of this could its people withstand? In 1940, the city became a unique government case study for resilience and survival beneath the bombs. David Atkinson describes the secret science used to pinpoint when Hull’s population would collapse.

You’re a liar!

When recalling the past, we often create false memories. Based on philosophical principles and the latest research, Giuliana Mazzoni explores why we lie to ourselves and how this impacts our everyday life.

How the Universe will end

The Universe was born in the Big Bang nearly 14 billion years ago, but how will it die? This is a far more complex mystery. Brad Gibson is on a quest to understand how it all ends and what it will mean for humanity’s fate. Speaker: Brad Gibson is Professor of Astrophysics and Director of the … Continued

Sci-fi influences on evolutionary linguistics

When spoken word leaves no trace, how do we know where it comes from? Drawing on films such as Arrival, Hannah Little explores how language – our most powerful tool – can be established from scratch when there is no pre-existing knowledge.

In search of Vikings

Using cutting edge science, Cat Jarman has rewritten a pivotal period in British history: the Vikings. In this talk, she will reveal how she investigated the likely burial ground of the Great Viking Army and will explore what this means for our understanding of our ancient past.

The rise and fall of the dinosaurs

Sharing personal stories and new discoveries, palaeontologist Stephen Brusatte takes you on perhaps the most exciting tale in earth’s history – one that lasted over 100 million years: the rise and fall of the dinosaurs. This event will be BSL-interpreted.

Future thinking

How we imagine the future has significant repercussions on how we conduct ourselves in the present. In this talk, Scott Cole will reveal how such thinking can affect our thoughts, emotions and behaviour and what impact this has on society. Speaker: Scott Cole is a Lecturer at the School of Psychological & Social Sciences at York … Continued