The importance of being mobile

They say sitting is the new smoking. We all like to rest, but can too much sitting in our older years impair our quality of life? Join Sandra Agyapong-Badu as she shares her latest research on the impact of inactivity on the mind, mood and muscles, and importantly, what we can all do about it.

Parkinson’s from inside out

People with a health condition are often invited to take part in research as participants, but they can also use their experience to actively shape how this is done. Join a Parkinson’s patient and Ellen Poliakoff as they tell their touching story of working together and the unexpected benefits that have emerged from this partnership.  

CSI of the sea

Join the ZSL team, Rob Deaville, Matthew Perkins and Charlotte Coales, for a unique opportunity to watch a live cetacean dissection. Explore why whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) strand around the UK’s coast, and what role we play in these strandings. Learn more about the threats they face in UK waters and how examinations like … Continued

Arctic climate change: a people’s story

In Arctic Norway, the Sami communities are reindeer herders who are close to nature and dependent on the land. However, their lives are already being affected by climate change, which has taken hold in northern latitudes the fastest. In this captivating talk, their compelling stories about our changing climate are told.  Speakers Holly Unwin Adrian … Continued

Digging the dirt on the world’s oldest fossils

What are the earliest fossils? How did Earth transition from a microbial world to the one we’re familiar with today? Unfortunately, our fossil record is biased towards organisms with hard shells and skeletons, which evolved 3 billion years after life on Earth began, so it’s hard to answer these questions. But what about the fossils … Continued

Drunk Witness

Many violent incidents in the UK involve alcohol. Can people provide accurate testimonies about what they observed while under the influence? Heather Flowe reviews the research to date and discusses whether you can reliably recollect crimes if you’ve had a few too many. 

A song of ice and fire

Go on a journey with Ashley King, from the birth of the solar system to the present day. Using samples from primitive asteroids once formed in the cold, outer regions of early stars, he unravels a complex and fascinating picture of the group of stars and planets we call home.

Britain’s first superfast train

Do you want to travel at near supersonic speeds in a vacuum tube? This could soon become a reality as a revolutionary train network, the Hyperloop, is already in development. These trains could reach speeds of over 700 mph. Join SpaceX pod competition finalists and Virgin Hyperloop One winners, HYPEd, as they tell the story … Continued

What would you leave behind?

How would you react in a city-wide disaster? Warmer and drier weather conditions mean there are an increasing number of wildfires and their proximity to cities result in thousands of communities being entrapped once they break out. Check your own reactions to an extreme event while Sandra Vaiciulyte sheds light on how to improve safety … Continued

Lord Prescott: climate change, science and me

Over 20 years ago, John Prescott was handed the reins to one of the most important negotiations to tackle global climate change: the Kyoto Summit. The former deputy prime minister had no formal science background but successfully worked with scientists and politicians on the world stage to establish the Kyoto Protocol. Hear his personal take … Continued