Alternative medicine in elite sport: method or magic?

Controversial biological therapies for injury are often used by elite sportspeople like Usain Bolt. These therapies, though legal, seldom have supporting scientific evidence. Alex Faulkner and colleagues discuss how such beliefs can persist alongside the era of medical biotechnology and highlights the complexity and ethics of medical decision-making in elite sport.

In the era of wearable technologies

Wearable devices are becoming extremely popular, but what is it that makes a gadget “wearable”? Daniel Roggen will dig into the unique characteristics of wearables and present research which is at the pivotal crossroads of sensors, electronics and artificial intelligence. This event is supported by Arm.

The new golden age of the steam engine

Most car engines still operate on the 100-year-old principles of liquid cooling. But this method has reached the limits needed for the next generation of engines for hybrid electric vehicles. Julian Dunne examines the use of steam for engine cooling which offers improved efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and improved fuel economy.

A breath of fresh air

Get involved in a live demonstration of the new, state-of-the-art, Joaquin Advanced Air Quality research station and have a first look at how the data it produces can help us find ways to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Food allergies: fact or fiction

Everyone knows someone with a food allergy, and you may have one, but what exactly does it mean and why do they affect people differently? Join Tara Dean as she explores the important questions associated with food allergies and discover the recent advances in this commonly misunderstood area.

Psychology 101: for parents

The day-to-day life of families can be emotionally raw and psychologically dramatic. Alison Pike, scientific expert on The Secret Lives of 4/5/6 Year Olds, provides insights for parents in directing this drama. Through stories and video, you will learn keys such as how to put yourself first without feeling guilty, manipulate your child’s behaviour, and … Continued

Are you afraid of becoming old and isolated?

Although we should celebrate the fact that we are all living longer, for some this brings with it years of social isolation which is detrimental to health. Mark Yeoman will examine the mechanisms through which age and social isolation impacts on the functioning of the central nervous system and how these processes may be reversible.

Beat the heat with science

Neil Maxwell will explore what happens when the human body is exposed to extreme temperatures. Discover the difference between myth and fact when coping with heat!

Pregnancy: has the conversation moved on?

Explore the wonderful world of British pregnancy magazines from the 1950s-1990s. Magazines were a major source of information for parents about pregnancy, birth and beyond. Tania McIntosh delves into what they said, how they said it, and what it meant for parents.

Sussex heritage in the digital age

Explore the ‘Sussex Loops’ which were used as body ornamentation in the Bronze Age. Gain a unique insight on the use of scientific approaches and digital technologies used to experience the way of life of our Sussex ancestors.