Rebuild Brighton: an infrastructure game

In a post-apocalyptic Brighton, following environmental disaster, critical infrastructure is destroyed. Using maps and clues left by the city planners a handful of survivors set out to find what is still standing and what can be rebuilt. Survivors desperately need energy, water and communications. But resources are scarce. Can all the survivors come to an … Continued

Making storytime memorable

Why do children like to hear the same stories again and again? Are bedtime stories special? Is curling up with an eBook as comforting as a traditional paperback? Discuss these questions and more with scientists and story creators at this lively event packed with interactive demonstrations and practical tips.

Join The Conversation

Take part in a live science newsroom with The Conversation, an independent news and commentary website produced by academics and journalists. Contribute ideas for Festival coverage and help to decide which stories should feature on Friday’s site as you experience the editorial process first hand. Discuss the current state of science journalism and get tips … Continued

Brighton Pier takeover

Experience science on the seafront as researchers, artists and entertainers amaze thrill-seekers at the iconic seaside attraction. From pop-up experiments and games to interactive installations and cabaret acts, there will be something for everyone at our pier extravaganza. Access to Brighton Palace Pier is always free, but to celebrate the British Science Festival coming to … Continued

Dead and buried: an anthropological tour of Woodvale Cemetery

Explore the social history of Woodvale Cemetery and consider broad questions around our attitudes to death, body disposal and commemoration with a local historian and a social anthropologist. Hear how human societies have dealt with death and burial across the globe and through time hand discuss current issues such as the rise of natural burials … Continued

Brighton Museum Late: breaking the glass

Explore Brighton Museum after hours as researchers from the University of Sussex digitally remix the collection. Enter a multisensory museum and see artefacts come to life through moving images, audio, taste, touch and smell. Interact with artwork beyond the frame and try out playful prototypes that allow you to experience Museum exhibits in new ways. … Continued

The Lanes after dark

Not your average science-in-a-pub event. We’re taking over the notorious drinkeries in The Lanes to bring you an evening of exploration and entertainment to show you that when the sun sets, science comes alive. So choose your tipple and join the bar hop in this celebration of curiosity! Participating venues: The Mesmerist Bohemia East Street Tap … Continued

Orchestra hero

Have you always wanted to conduct or play in an orchestra? Now you don’t need to be a violin virtuoso, or even read music. Take part in a genuine symphony orchestra rehearsal and performance using Syncphonia, a new networked notation system that will keep musical novices in time. There are limited spaces to join the … Continued

Crowds, riots and contagious behaviour

Does panic really ripple through a crowd? Why is laughter infectious? And how can we explain the spread of violence and aggression at riots? Explore the concept of contagion with social psychologist John Drury and get involved in interactive experiments that reveal how emotions, ideas and behaviour through crowds.

African food journeys: from the Bayou to Barbados

Dine with food historian Peggy Brunache and let her guide you through the archaeology and culture of creole cooking. Over three courses, explore how slavery and the movement of enslaved people has influenced food across the southern states of America and the Caribbean.